Our Team

You will find at Graham Commercial a group of professionals with expertise that is unmatched with many years of experience working in commercial real estate.  Our mission is to provide the highest level of customer service while keeping true to our values of integrity, fairness, and community.

Graham Commercial

Laura W. Ratliff

Portfolio Manager

Anne Marie Little

Vice President of Property Management


Steve Style

Vice President of Marketing

Philip Wyllie

Leasing Manager

Property Management

Isbela Castellanos

Manager for Industrial Properties

Melissa Massey

Manager for Office Properties

Sarah Rodriguez

Manager for Retail Properties

Jackie Milian

Administrative Assistant, Retail Properties

Isabelle Santibanez-Amador

Administrative Assistant, Industrial Properties

Luvy Sequeira

Administrative Assistant, Office Properties


Steve Williams

Vice President of Construction

Jon Cervasio

Construction Manager

Lester Debs

Construction Manager

Beatriz Dooley

Administrative Assistant, Construction Department

Maintenance Department

Jorge Ferbeyre

Director of Maintenance and Security

Dulce Belette

Facilities Management Coordinator

Yoandis Perales

Lead Maintenance Tech

Joseph Augustin

Maintenance Tech

Pierre Augustin

Maintenance Tech

Hector Cruz

Maintenance Tech

Sakuiry Esquivel

Maintenance Tech

Ismael Hernandez-Rodriguez

Maintenance Tech

William Jackson

Maintenance Tech

Yomal Murrilo

Maintenance Tech

Nelson Yee

Maintenance Tech

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